Elevator Pitch Perfection

June 18, 2019 2:15 pm

This addition to our blog comes from recent, firsthand experience at how terrifying it can be to stand up at a networking event and give a 30, 45 or even 60-second elevator pitch, that snippet of information that the room full of people all want to know about you. When all the eyes are on you it is easy to completely forget your own name let alone that vital piece of information that will make your service or product stand out from all the others. After going through this I decided enough was enough and booked myself onto a ‘How to Network’ workshop ran by Connect Business Networking

The workshop was fantastic and I learned so much, I have put together some of the most useful information for you;

5 Steps to Elevator Pitch Confidence;

  1. Preparation – plan, plan, plan! download our cheat sheet
  2. Practice – the more you practice your pitch the more confident you will feel.
  3. Peer Review – run through your elevator pitch in front of colleagues or family and friends – this really does help, trust me.
  4. Feedback – when you have run through your pitch ask those listening ‘what is my product or service’ if they answer as you would like them to, brilliant, if not tweak your pitch until they do.
  5. Follow Up – when you have given your elevator pitch make sure you follow up with more in-depth one to one conversations with those who want to know more about you (they will trust me)

To help and guide you we have written an example elevator pitch below –

This pitch has been written for a female only networking group –

Hello my name is Laura and I work for Women In Print UK

At Women In Print we provide a platform of support for women working in all areas of the print industry from graphic design and web development to print finishing and HR – if you are passionate about seeing print come to life we are here for you.

Women In Print offer a free mentoring service to guide and advise women on their personal and professional growth within our industry.

We do this by opening up and facilitating growth opportunities through our network of contacts and by providing key master classes in all areas of the business world.

If you are a woman working within the print industry who would like to propel her career forward by seeking out a mentor please do come and talk to me for more information.

Thank you, my name is Laura and I am from Women In Print UK.

Download our blank elevator pitch template here

If you would like any further help with writing your elevator pitch or would like to attend a fantastic workshop I can highly recommend Connect Business Networking. or alternatively you can get in touch with us here at Women In Print and we would be happy to help.