Veronica is the Managing Director of The Heaven Company and Founder of the ‘Brief-Cases’ Initiative.

Veronica Heaven

My career in print to date – a snapshot

My long career working in the paper industry for many years spans: running the marketing and specification sales teams working with designers, printers, corporates, end-users and government; through to heading up the Corporate Responsibility (CSR) function in a multi-organisation paper distribution business with a combined turnover of £800 million. Today, I run The Heaven Company, a sustainability communications consultancy and through Brief Cases – linking business and education young people are being introduced and inspired into careers in packaging, creative industries, and sectors, which they may have never considered before.

Why I am passionate about my job

Brief Cases is my brainchild – an industry engagement initiative that encourages a positive link between business and university education engages employees and delivers great CSR. Our goal is to help nurture home-grown talent and to bridge the gap between academic study and commercial reality.

Up to 1,000 students undertake a Brief Cases project each year and they explore topics such as Packaging, a subject which is not typically taught at UK universities – through to looking at The History and Future of Print, which underlines the importance of the print sector and puts students at the heart of the project and encourages them to explore the possibilities of print and associated industries for their future careers.

Why should women at the beginning of their careers consider the print industry?

The print and paper sectors have the potential to touch every industry sector and even every type of business. Paper and print have long been accepted as a barometer of the UK economy, so for young people looking for a way to make a big impact over the longer term; learn heaps in the process and to get an insight into different sectors, this is a great industry to be involved in.

The one thing I would do to improve gender diversity in our sector is?

Stay the course and be consistent.