Customer Service Executive, European Flexographic Industry Coveris 2019 Association Student of the Year

Kerry Gilligan

When I started at Coveris in 2015 I had no experience within the industry at all, but I was excited about the new challenge and opportunity. I work as a Customer Service Executive in the Internal Sales Team and look after accounts in the labels division covering most major retailers. I am fortunate that my role allows me to work with all other departments, including our studio, printers, and finishers. While working I have also studied with the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) achieving a diploma in their print course culminating in being awarded student of the year at their 2019 Awards gala. This experience alongside my work has allowed me to gain great insight and understanding of the print processes and industry.

Why I am passionate about my job
My passion for my job came primarily from the opportunity to learn. Before moving into print I had no idea how intricate and detailed the process was. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning everything that’s entailed in producing a high-quality product and seeing how every area within the business has an opportunity to contribute. As a result of the training I have received at work while completing my additional study with EFIA, I have now developed a genuine interest and fascination with the print process itself and I love collaborating to create new solutions and share ideas. Working in printed packaging I am also excited to see how the business will develop to meet the need for more environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Why should women at the beginning of their careers consider the print industry?
The print industry is incredibly varied, there is a huge range of positions to consider where your own personal strengths can be maximised. There are countless opportunities to learn new skills while collaborating and benefiting from the experiences of others. It is still a male-dominated industry but there are successful women at all levels to look up to and learn from.

The one thing I would do to improve gender diversity in our sector is?
Promote the success of women in print. While at the EFIA awards the number of men attending outweighed the number of women by far. If I hadn’t attended as a 2019 student my table would have consisted solely of my male colleagues, and it is likely this will be the case next year. While we should, of course, celebrate the achievements of our male colleagues we need to really highlight the accomplishments of women working in the industry. This will help promote our sector to other women as a place for a great career where success can be had by all, hopefully attracting more women into print to create more balance.