Without diversity, the industry could get stuck in the past and not develop.

Emma Godwyn

My career in print to date – snapshot

I joined IFS in January 2016 as the Marketing Coordinator but was “born into print” as my father Bryan Godwyn has owned the company my entire life! Through my role I have led VIP trips to Horizon in both Germany and Japan, widened the companies social media reach and helped the brand become one of the top companies in the UK for post-press equipment.

Why I am passionate about my job

I am passionate about my job as everyday there is something different to achieve or discover. The print industry is developing its technology rapidly and it’s so interesting to see what printers are doing with it.

What are the top 3 things you are proud to have achieved in your career?

  1. Achieving distinction in my Foundation course at the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  2. Hosted a VIP trip to Kyoto, Japan with our customers to visit Horizons first international exhibition
  3. Doubling the companies social media following

Why should women at the beginning of their careers consider the print industry?

There are so many opportunities for women in the print sector to change the image of the industry from middle aged men to a vibrant community of young (and old!), female and male creatives. Without this diversity, the industry could get stuck in the past and not develop.

The one thing I would do to improve gender diversity in our sector is?

I think introducing apprenticeships into schools, sixth forms and colleges and making print more accessible for work experience would change the image of print for women and young people and encourage more engagement.