Welcome to the Women In Print UK group

We want to empower women starting out in their careers to get into print; it is an amazing industry to be part of. We want women in the industry to feel comfortable seizing opportunities and to feel like they belong. This group is also about sharing ideas, opportunities, and advice. We want to create a network of amazing women who love print, will share their knowledge and support each other.

Women In Print UK is founded by Managing Director of Bonacia Rosie Whitelock

Kerry Gilligan

Before moving into print I had no idea how intricate and detailed the process was. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning everything that’s entailed in producing a high-quality product.

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Lynsey Hawkins-Evans

I started working in the print industry when I was 16. I have worked in varied roles from editorial and business admin to despatch, but settled in marketing in 2007 as I absolutely love being a marketer!

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Rosie Whitelock

I have been around print for as long as I can remember, starting when my parents turned our garage into a print shop when I was around 5 years old. That garage print outfit turned into £2 million book printing company over the years and paved the way for me to become the MD of an even larger, growing print business.

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Susan Wright

I am the editorial director and publisher at Earth Island Publishing. I have worked as a journalist, writer, and editor across a variety of printed and online media including newspapers and magazines, both nationally and internationally, and have specialised in magazines, initiatives, and events for the graphic arts for more than 20 years.

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Women In Print Award 2019

In partnership with The Solutions Awards

In partnership with The Solutions Awards, the Outstanding Achievement Award is looking for women who work in all areas of the print industry from marketing and sales to graphic design.

If you know a woman who has directly improved or impacted other women’s experience within the print industry and would like to nominate her for the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award please click below to find out more.

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